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Are your students (or you!) struggling with new school year anxiety?  Here are a few ideas to help for a smoother transition from full summer to fall semester.

  1. Talk through the coming differences of your daily routine so your student knows what to expect. It is normal to struggle with changes in sleep schedule, family routines, and timelines. Rather than dismiss the frustration, it is helpful to allow others to express the apprehensions and concerns they may be feeling. Allow them to express their thoughts, but always end the conversation on an encouraging note by reminding them they have the power to make it a great year.
  2. If your student will be attending a new school, take some time to visit the school and walk the building. A quick tour to be familiar with their surroundings can alleviate fears.
  3. Encourage students to set the tone in their classes by speaking up. During the first few days of school, it is helpful for them to acknowledge the teacher with a greeting as simple as “Hi” or “Good morning” as they walk to their desk. The same can be said for their peers. A casual “How’s it going?” or “Hey” can go a long way to meeting new people and starting conversations with new or old friends.
  4. Know what is going on in your student’s school. Make sure you keep up to date on school activities and classroom assignments by checking the online portal often, checking the school website, and reading communication from teachers.
  5. One of the most important things to remember is to set a good schedule and routine. There are a number of things to remember when creating an appropriate schedule including clear expectations, student’s input, timing, and consistency.

For a more comprehensive list in setting a schedule and routine, feel free to call:

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We would be happy to email you some ideas and answer any questions.