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Will you take insurance?

Our office is contracted with most major insurance carriers. However, not all therapists are contracted with the same companies. When scheduling your appointment, please advise the office if you would like to utilize your insurance benefits.

You may want to make a call to your insurance provider to ask about your benefits before you make your first appointment.

How much does each session cost?

We keep our rates as low as possible based on insurance requirements. Please talk to the person scheduling your appointment about your options.

Will I see the same counselor consistently?

Yes. It is important to connect with and build rapport with your counselor. Once you have been assigned a clinician, you will remain with that professional throughout your counseling experience.

How do I make an appointment?

Use the contact section of our website to schedule an appointment or call 316-239-1880.

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Can I bring others to my appointment?

Every situation is unique, so please call ahead to receive advice based on your therapist’s recommendation.

Can you help with ADD/ADHD?

We are trained in testing and diagnosing of ADHD in both children and adults. Our goal is to appropriately diagnose and work directly with the client and their families to establish effective strategies for success at school, work, and life.

Do you offer group therapy?

We currently offer seminars to help groups of people learn and develop strategies surrounding diverse issues. These seminars are held regularly but don’t function the same as traditional group counseling.

Please call our office and ask about scheduled classes, groups, and seminars.

Will I be prescribed medication?

We are not licensed to prescribe medications but will work directly with your doctor if we feel medication is an appropriate option.

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